Model Flying

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I’ve started cutting expanded polystyrene again for F2E models.

These will be specials, only 39” span, so that it makes transporting them easy, especially to the Gran Canaria 2015.

Details so far:-

On the board, 4 Orcrists for Oliver class.

More Piranha’s, of course for Vintage.  

This years activity on the building board.


Old 8 bit computers.

Pinball machines.

Soul music, vinyl collector & NS gigs.

Keep fit. (When well enough).

Engineering (turning, mill/drill, grind).

2 wheels:-

Suzuki Burgman 650

Lambretta GP150.

DIY, Gardening, Travelling.

Other pursuits!

Future projects.

That in flight combat footage is  still to happen.

PAW engine rebuilding to be started over the winter months.

F2E or Euro Speed Combat models need building!

2015 Vintage combat models.


Transport box .

Finished and used.

The box is constructed using 3.33mm ply (sold as 4mm).

8’x2’   £6.5  from Ron Currie.


Quadrant section used in the joints 12mm.

35x3mm flat for joint over lap and catch attachment.

Basically  make a box, in this case 8 sides. Top, bottom, sides, ends, angle top.

Mark a cut line, carefully saw open the box. Use quadrant to strengthen  and 35x3 overlaps  inside and outside to help maintain lid in the correct place. Add catches and internal sections as desired. Total weight. 2.625Kg !!