Donor F2D model, fast setup.

Electric combat..

1) Motor:- NTM Prop Drive 28-36 2200KV / 696W

£10.02  + delivery charge extra.

This motor gives F2D performance in a straight line or wide manoeuvres.

Shows slight slowing down in tight turns, possibly because of the

small bearings, or some gyroscopic effect of the prop.

Weight 87grams. This gives 1.4Kg of thrust.



£14.75 +£1.85 delivery.

Gives overload & low battery cut out too.

Weight 44 grams   Size:23X52X14mm

3) Battery:-

 Turnigy nano-tech 1600mah 4S 25~50C Lipo

£9.15 + delivery.

Best quality so far.

173 grams , don’t go for heavier ones. They’ll be too heavy.

4) Propellor:-

 APC 6.3x4 15 Combat Propeller

$3.19 + delivery charge extra.

US dollar given as exchange rate can change.

F2D props work just as well with the 2200Kv motor.

5) Motor Mounts:-


£12.00 each

This shows the main piece of the mount, there is another angled piece.

6) Transmitter & Receiver:-

Price about £35.

Gives the ESC pulses to operate.

You get ‘throttle-ability’ too.

Spektrum Tx DX4e. Rx AR6115e

Other dedicated pulse controllers are available.

Receiver weight 4grams.

7) LiPo Charger:-

£21.82 each +delivery.

Other items;- connectors, bullets, deans,XT60.

Prop adapter kits  £1.12

To follow, how to modify the wing.  It’s easy……..20mins work.

I have other motors to test for open and slow combat classes.

Also the 3000Kv motor has been tested and is faster than the 2200Kv motor at 35,000rpm.

Not recommended for F2De as props break too easily on ground contact (landing), good fun though.  

The 2200Kv motor is ideal for F2De.

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Some main ingredients       (prices as of 11/06/14)

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